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Wager from Your SmartPhone for FREE!

Fastbet Mobile
FastBet Mobile™ is a secure wagering application for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Available for wagering on live or simulcast races, FastBet Mobile™ enables you to place bets from various locations inside the track without ever having to leave your seat!

With FastBet Mobile you can:

  • Wager from the comfort of your seat
  • Avoid long lines
  • Place bets closer to post time
  • Wager at your own pace; no pressure from others in line
  • No more tickets! Keep track of same-day bets in one location
  • Email wagering results at the end of the day

Easy to sign up

Visit FastBet Mobile™ on the first floor bricks, find any FastBet Mobile™ agent or log on to while on site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to sign up for FastBet Mobile™?
A. Nothing! FastBet Mobile™ is free to use.

Q. Is FastBet Mobile™ secure?
A. Yes. All data is encrypted and secure while you are logged into FastBet Mobile™
Q. Do I have to install something on my SmartPhone or Tablet to get started with FastBet Mobile™?
A. No, you just need an iPhone, iPad or Android device that is able to connect to the track’s wireless network.

Q. Can I use FastBet Mobile™ outside of Churchill Downs?
A. No. This application uses the track’s CDIP Wi-Fi Network, and only works inside Churchill Downs.

Q. How do I fund my account?

A. Once you create an account, use any self-service terminal to make a deposit.

Q. How do I track the wagers I have made with FastBet Mobile™?
A. FastBet Mobile™  keeps track of your wagers throughout the day, and keeps a running total of your balance. 

Q. How do I cash out at the end of the day?
A. Go to any self-service terminal, log in with your account number and select Withdraw. You will receive a voucher which can be redeemed at any mutuel window.

Q. What if I forget my Account Number or Pin?
A. Visit FastBet Mobile™ located on the first floor bricks.

Manage Your Winnings

FastBet Mobile™  keeps track of the day’s wagers for you, so there is no need to sift through multiple paper tickets searching for the winners. Simply go to the main menu screen and select History to view your wagering activity. You can also have a copy of the day’s activity sent to your email by selecting email History. FastBet Mobile™ wagering history is available only until the end of each race day for viewing and emailing.

Wi-Fi Coverage Map

Click on the header above to see the Wi-fi Coverage Map.


*For assistance using FastBet Mobile, please visit the Tech Spot on the first floor bricks.