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With Derby 137 Just 30 Days Away, Sign Between Historic Twin Spires Updated

| Churchill Downs Communications | 05/14/2011 #
  • Churchill Downs' Todd Herl updates the date on the Kentucky Derby sign between the Twin Spires (Reed Palmer)

  • The sign between the Twin Spires is updated by Todd Herl to read "137th Derby" in 2011 (Reed Palmer, Churchill Downs)

  • Their work completed and the sign updated, Churchill Downs' Todd Herl and Steve Brown return to earthy (Reed Palmer)

  • The updated Derby Winner's Circle pagoda (Reed Palmer, Churchill Downs)

Last week the solid gold trophy that goes to the Kentucky Derby winner arrived at Churchill Downs.

On Wednesday and Thursday, two more potential contenders for the May 7 “Run for the Roses” arrived at the historic Louisville track to continue their training.

Then, on Thursday afternoon, another milepost on the road to the Kentucky Derby was reached.

With 30 days remaining before the 137th running of America’s greatest race, Churchill Downs updated a pair of prominent signs at the historic track to reflect the Derby’s upcoming 2011 renewal.

Track workers update a sign on the clubhouse’s slate roof between the historic Twin Spires to read “137th Derby … 2011.”

 Churchill Downs team members Todd Herl and Steve Brown climbed into a bucket and were lifted by crane to perform the update.

Track teams also changed the year to “2011” on the pagoda in the Kentucky Derby Winner’s Circle in the infield.