How to bet the Matrix

Introducing The MATRIX: Our New 15-Bet Value-Pack

Racing's first "bundle bet" is here! Call three horse numbers, say the total amount you want to bet (minimum $9), and you'll get a MATRIX ticket that covers all the win, exacta and trifecta possibilities involving those three horses. That's 15 bets for one package price - and you name the price.

It's an easy and convenient way to get more bets for your dollar and lots of ways to collect a payout. The MATRIX takes the guesswork out of how much your bet will cost. Here's how it works:

Call 3 Horses and Name Your Price (minimum $9). If any of your horses finish 1/win, 1-2/exacta, or 1-2-3/trifecta, you win! It's that simple.


Here's how to do it:

  1. Select three (3) horse numbers in an upcoming race.

  2. Go to any live teller window (not yet available at self-serve terminals).

  3. Say the total amount you want to bet, plus MATRIX. (Example: "$9 dollar Matrix" or "$22 dollar Matrix")

  4. Say three horse numbers. (Example: "2-5-6")

  5. Your ticket will be made up of:

  6. - 3 win bets (in the example above: 2, 5, 6)

  7. - 6 exacta bets (exacta box: 2/5, 2/6, 5/2, 5/6, 6/2, 6/5).

  8. - 6 trifecta bets (trifecta box: 2/5/6, 2/6/5, 5/2/6, 5/6/2, 6/2/5, 6/5/2)

  9. You'll get a payout if:

- Any one of those three horses finishes first (win);

- Any two of those horses run first-second (exacta);

- All three of those horses run first-second-third (trifecta).



Matrix bets are placed into our regular win, exacta and trifecta pools. We divide your bet equally into all the pools, and you'll receive a prorated share of any posted payout if you win. At the $9 minimum, you're actually betting 60¢ on each of the 15 possibilities. (The system automatically rounds your wager to the nearest even amount, so you might get back some change with your original bet.)

There will be three possible Matrix payouts each race:

"MATRIX Win": Your share of a win payout.

"MATRIX Exacta": Your share of an exacta payout plus Matrix Win.

"MATRIX Trifecta": Your share of a trifecta payout plus Matrix Exacta.

Let's suppose you bet a $15 Matrix. The system will place $1 into each of the 15 bet types ($1 x 15 = $15). After each race is over, we display our win, exacta and trifecta payouts on a $2 basis. So, if you have a winning play or plays on your Matrix ticket, in this case you would receive the $1 equivalent (or half the posted $2 payout).

Here's an example: You played numbers 2-5-6 on your $15 Matrix. The finish of the race was 6-5-8. You have a winning Matrix ticket in two ways -- 6 to win, and the 6-5 exacta. Your payout would be a "Matrix Exacta" payout: your prorated share of both the posted $2 Win and $2 Exacta payouts. (In this case, your "Matrix Exacta" will pay half the win price plus half the exacta price, since you actually have correct $1 win and $1 exacta bets in your Matrix.)

The Matrix ... Another new way to bet at Churchill Downs. Brought to you in partnership with UnitedTote.