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2014 Churchill Downs Spring Meet

April 26-June 29

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Closing Day of the 2014 Spring Meet

Day 38 of 38


TURF: FIRM (Lane 1, on the hedge)

POST TIME: 12:45 p.m. (all times EDT)

UPDATED: 4:40 p.m.

RACE 1 (12:45 p.m.) - 50-cent minimum Pick 4 begins / NO SHOW & SUPERFECTA WAGERING

SCRATCH #3 Fivefeeth Nrisen

RACE 2 (1:14 p.m.)

Overweight #5 Fleet N Sweet +2 lbs.

RACE 3 (1:43 p.m.)

Overweight #1 Code Blue Zone +1 lb.

Overweight #5 Hijo Del Corredor +1 lb.

RACE 4 (2:14 p.m.) - 50-cent minimum Pick 4 begins    

LATE SCRATCH #4 Fordes Gap

Overweight #5 Boss Man Mike +1 lb.

Overweight #7 Bourbon Sense +1 lb.

RACE 5 (2:45 p.m.)  - 20-cent minimum Single-6 Jackpot begins (eight-day carryover of $17,398 - MANDATORY PAYOUT) / NO SUPERFECTA WAGERING

SCRATCH #1 Maybe Lily

RACE 6 (3:16 p.m.)- 50-cent minimum Pick 5 begins / NO SHOW & SUPERFECTA WAGERING

SCRATCH #4 Quiet Rebel

Jockey Change #5 Hancho - Corey Lanerie

SCRATCH #7 Winkatdawat

SCRATCH #8 A J's Fortune

RACE 7 (3:47 p.m.) -  50-cent minimum Pick 4 begins 

Jockey Change #1 Runway Giant - Chris Landeros

Overweight #2 Justanewkidintown +1 lb.

SCRATCH #11 Bluegrass Sapphire

SCRATCH AE #13 Too Cool

AE #14 Naples Gold will run

SCRATCH AE #15 Kitten's Queen

RACE 8 (4:18 p.m.)


SCRATCH AE #13 Cristina's Journey

SCRATCH AE #14 Azuba

RACE 9 (4:49 p.m.) 

SCRATCH #1 Rififi

Late Equipment Change #2 Brown Eyed Mary - blinkers off

Overweight #3 Hunting Hill +1 lb.

Overweight #6 Centella +1 lb.

Overweight #9 Conspired +1 lb.

RACE 10 (5:18 p.m.) $1 Super Hi-5 (1-day carryover of $4,977 - MANDATORY PAYOUT)

Overweight #1 Rau Breck +1 lb.

Jockey Change #2 The Royal Way - Cory Orm

Overweight #8 More Than Less +1 lb.

Jockey Change #12 Soul of Nicole - Nathan Chaves

SCRATCH AE #13 Twenty in One (entered for main track only)

SCRATCH AE #14 Ms Arch Station

JOE ROCCO JR., jockey of Valiant Boy Sbfar (winner) – “He ran very well today. The horse in front of me was fighting hard and my horse was getting tired but he timed it right and got to the wire first. The only difference between the horse this year and last year was he had a race under his belt going into it last year. This year he’s come off a long layoff and we were a little concerned about his fitness level, but he handled himself well. Good horses make good jockeys; whether it’s Thoroughbred, Arabian, it doesn’t matter. We’re all in the same boat, we all need nice horses.”


ELIZABETH MERRYMAN, trainer of Valiant Boy Sbfar (winner) – “There were a bunch of really nice horses in there today and it was hard for him coming off of such a long layoff without a prep race. But he fought his way through and his class showed. Joe and I talked in the paddock beforehand that without a prep race, we were going to have to use his energy wisely and he did. We were very proud of him.”