A Personal Seat License (PSL) indicates a 3 or 5 year agreement with Churchill Downs that will provide the customer with the right to purchase a specific location for the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks.  A license fee along with the cost of the tickets for the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks must be purchased by the PSL owner each year for the term of the agreement.  All PSL seating is sold as a Derby/Oaks package.

The license fee may be paid in two installments.  A 50% deposit must be submitted at the time of the seat selection and the signing of the agreement.  The balance of the license fee is due upon receipt of the invoice.  For the remaining years of the PSL term, customers will receive an invoice by November 1, for the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks seats only. 

A variety of seating sections are available and PSL license fees range in price from $3,600 to $135,000, and $290 to $1,400 for each Kentucky Derby and Oaks reserved seat.

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