Turf Club at Churchill Downs

The Turf Club at Churchill Downs is an exclusive, private club for members only, offering premium amenities, including fine dining and excellent views of the racecourses. Our Turf Club is a unique two-level venue on the 3rd and 4th floors of the main Clubhouse facility at the finish line. Luxurious amenities and furnishings have established the Turf Club as the premier membership in Thoroughbred racing.You can inquire about the Turf Club by contacting Lynda Woods at (502) 636-4537 or


SeasonTurf ($2,025.00 + Season Box price) - Membership includes track admission, entry to the Turf Club, a Season Box, seasonal parking and the opportunity to purchase a 3rd floor Clubhouse Box for Derby and Oaks.

Turf Club 2 ($2,025.00) - Membership includes track admission, entry to the Turf Club, seasonal parking and the opportunity to purchase a 3rd floor Grandstand or 1st floor Clubhouse Box for Derby and Oaks days.

Memberships must be renewed annually and are not transferable.Membership entitles one Primary member and one Secondary member access to the Turf Club during the race meets, with the exception of Derby and Oaks days.

Each membership includes:

  • Membership cards for entry at the Admission gates and the Turf Club
  • Lapel pins to identify Primary and Secondary members of the Turf Club
  • One seasonsal parking credential allocated to the Primary member (excludes Derby and Oaks days)

 Members may purchase additional services to enhance their entertainment experience. The Turf Club facilities are also available for off-season events at a discounted price to members. Please contact the Turf Club office for a complete listing of services and party arrangements available to members.

Credentials are issued for the use of members only and are not transferable. There is a $50 fee to replace lost membership cards.


Members may either bring guests with them during their visit to the Turf Club, or members may designate guests who may visit the Turf Club in the member’s absence (except on certain Premium Family Days). Members should make reservations for guests who are planning to visit the Turf Club and present each guest with a Guest Pass in advance of their arrival. Guest charges will be accrued and invoiced monthly with the exception of Premium Days when guest fees must be pre-paid at time of reservation.  For the convenience of members, a book of Guest Passes will be included in the membership packet. Each pass is coded with the member’s unique ID number. These passes are valid on any day of the meet, with the exception of Oaks day, Derby day and pre-paid Premium Days.

Guest fees are:

  • $20 per person on Regular Days 
  • $25 per person on Premium Days
  • $30 per person on Thursday of Derby Week
  • Children 12 and under are admitted free

Guest fees include racing programs and admission to the track. Please make sure your guests have their passes before arriving at the track, as these will afford free admission at the gates.

Premium Days are Opening Night, Derby Week, Preakness, Belmont, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Downs After Dark, Breeders’ Cup Friday and Saturday (when Churchill Downs is not Host Track), Thanksgiving and Friday after Thanksgiving.

Loss of Guest Pass book should be reported immediately. Additional Guest Pass books are available to members upon request.


Reservations are always encouraged, especially on Premium Days when space is usually limited. Members may bring up to six guests during Derby Week and Premium Days, with the exception of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving Day, which are considered “Family Days.” On these Premium Family Days, we will accommodate large parties, however, members must accompany their guests on these days. Larger groups may be accommodated depending upon reservations received, and estimated attendance in the Turf Club for the day requested. Every effort will be made to accommodate Turf Club members before guests.

Memberships exceed the number of tables available and we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Listed below are dates that we will start accepting reservations.

Season Turf: Beginning first week of March

Turf Club 2: Beginning second week of March

Regular and Premium Days

We will hold reserved tables until post time of the fifth race unless prior arrangements have been made. All tables not claimed before post time of the fifth race will be released to walk-in members and guests.

Members who make a reservation for guests on Premium Days must pre-pay at the time of reservation. Pre-paid guest passes are non-refundable.

Reservations can be made by calling (502) 636-4466 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Monday-Friday during the Non-Race Season or from  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday during the Live Race Season.


The Turf Club a la carte (menu service) is served from the time gates open until the Call  to the Post of the second to the last race.The Chef’s Table is available at the time gates open. Alcoholic beverage service is available daily starting at the time gates open until the Call to the Post of the last race. Please note that a la carte service is not available on Oaks, Derby or Thanksgiving days. If special meal requirements are necessary, contact us at least two days before the planned visit. Special meals are subject to additional charges, as required. We do not invoice for food or beverage. Payment is due at the time of service.


Turf Club Parking Credentials are necessary to access the Turf Club lot located at 9th Street and Central Avenue in front of Gate 17 (except Derby and Oaks days).

Primary members have the option to purchase valet parking for Derby and Oaks days in the Longfield Lot for an additional fee.

We are no longer able to accommodate requests to replace lost or stolen parking credentials.


With the exception of Downs After Dark, business casual is considered appropriate attire for the Turf Club. Dress jeans are acceptable for the Turf Club Lounge.

During Downs After Dark, dress jeans are permitted.

All members are asked to ensure that their guests are aware of the dress code.