Genuine Risk, one of only three fillies to win the Kentucky Derby, died on Aug. 18 at the age of 31. Relive her crowning glory here and watch as she set the racing world aflame in 1980 with her victory in the Run for the Roses.

Click the links below to view the photo gallery of Genuine Risk's Kentucky Derby triumph.

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - post parade|aid=2855|format=link|height=504|width=600]

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - finish|aid=2856|format=link|height=487|width=600]

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - finish (under the rail)|aid=2857|format=link|height=467|width=600]

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - at the wire|aid=2858|format=link|height=493|width=600]

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - head-on|aid=2859|format=link|height=583|width=600]

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - roses|aid=2861|format=link|height=496|width=500]

[asset|text=Genuine Risk - headshot|aid=2866|format=link|height=435|width=600]

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