Racing Program Updates:

Starting in 2019 on live race dates, racing programs will now be provided to customers upon entry through the Paddock and Clubhouse Gate. Excluding Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, and simulcast days.

New self-service program kiosks will be visible to customers passing through the gate turnstiles. Customers may pick up their complimentary racing program immediately after entering the facility and prior to visiting their seating location.

  • Do I need a ticket or any item to exchange to pick up my complimentary racing program?
    • No, all customers who gain entry through the turnstiles are allowed one complimentary racing program.
  • How many complimentary racing programs am I allowed to take?
    • One per customer.
  • Where are the new self-service program kiosks located?
    • The kiosks are located immediately upon entry through the Paddock and Clubhouse Gate.
  • Is the kiosk visible, will I miss it?
    • The new kiosks are over seven feet tall and six feet wide, located immediately inside the Paddock and Clubhouse Gate with additional program signage. Image coming soon.
  • How many programs does a new kiosk hold?
    • A kiosk holds over 3,000 programs with 30 shelves of inventory for customers to help themselves to a complimentary racing program. Program Management staff monitors the kiosks to ensure there is a sufficient supply for all forecasted attendees.
  • Will there still be a program in my suite or at my dining room table?
    • No, programs are no longer delivered to suites or dining rooms. All customers should pick up their complimentary racing program upon entering the facility.
  • Can I pick up my complimentary program at a program selling booth?
    • No, program selling booths will no longer carry programs on live race days (excluding Derby and Oaks).
    • Program selling booths will offer options to purchase betting guides, tip sheets, pens and pencils.
  • I do not want a racing program.
    • Customers are not required to take a racing program upon entering the facility.
    • Should you change your mind, customers may revisit the entry gate and claim a complimentary program from the kiosk.
  • When are programs available to pick up from the kiosks?
    • Programs are available for pick up from the time gates open to the public until approximately 75 minutes prior to the last race; or while supplies last.
  • Can I pick up tomorrow’s live racing date program from the kiosk?
    • Kiosks are only stocked with the current day’s racing program. To pick up a racing program for a future date, you must return and enter the facility on the desired date.
    • To purchase a racing program for a future date, please visit a program selling booth. Future race day program purchases are non-refundable. You may not exchange your future race day ticket for a program at time of purchase.
  • How to I purchase a program on simulcast racing day?
    • Visit the program selling booth in the simulcast wagering area.
  • Programs are not provided at the gates on Derby and Oaks day. Where do I pick up a racing program?
    • Suites and dining rooms will have Derby and Oaks programs available at the customer’s seating locations.
    • Box seat, grandstand reserved seats, and general admission ticket holders may purchase a program from any program booth selling location or a program hawker.
  • Who do I contact with additional racing program distribution questions?
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