Kentucky Derby 139 Post Position Draw Quotes

May 01, 2013 Churchill Downs Communications


BLACK ONYX (Post position 1, morning line 50-1) – Kelly Breen (trainer) – “Saturday we hope to make it the winningest post position in Kentucky Derby history. We know Oxbow isn’t the best of breakers; it’s not a bad horse to be next to. We’re going to make the best of what we can. We’re going to go back and look at all the different things, different scenarios, and we’ll put all those different things in to Joe’s head and he’s going to go out there and ride his race anyway.”

What did you think of the 50-1 morning line?

 “I don’t want to say what I think about it on record but let’s just say I’m like Rodney Dangerfield – I get no respect, you know?”

Jockey Joe Bravo: “My whole life I’ve dreamed about being number one and I got number one today!”

CHARMING KITTEN (Post position 15, morning line 20-1) PALACE MALICE (Post position 10, morning line 20-1)/OVERANALYZE (Post position 9, morning line 15-1)/ REVOLUTIONARY (Post position 3, morning line 10-1)/VERRAZANO (Post position 14, morning line 4-1) – Todd Pletcher (trainer) – On Revolutionary: “I’m happy with it. (Jockey) Calvin (Borel) is going to want to get to the inside with this horse as soon as he can and drawing inside like this only makes it easier for him.”

On Overanalyze and Palice Malice: “It’s a good spot for the two of them. They don’t have to load early and stand from those spots, which is a good thing. Loading later can be an advantage.”

On Verrazano and Charming Kitten – “I’m happy with these spots. We have the main gate and the auxiliary gate between us and that gives us some space. It’ll be good for the riders.”

“Overall, from a saddling perspective, I like it. With four of my horses side by side, it will make it easier for me to get those saddles on. I do think we did really well with our posts. Under the old system, where we would have been selecting our own posts according to the draw, I think we would have wound up in just about the same spots we got today. There wouldn’t have been much difference.

“We hadn’t gotten a spot for Verrazano and with some tough posts – the one and the two – still out there, I was concerned. But then he drew the 14 and it was a sigh of relief.

“As far as Orb being the favorite over Verrazano, that’s not an issue. He (Orb) deserves to be the favorite. And it might even be an advantage. There’s usually more pressure on the favorite.”

FALLING SKY (Post position 13, morning line 50-1) – John Terranova (trainer) – ““I think it’s fine for us. We pretty much drew outside most of the potential speed except a horse like Verrazano. We’re happy with the post.”

FRAC DADDY (Post position 18, morning line 50-1)/JAVA’S WAR (Post position 19, morning line 15-1) – Ken McPeek (trainer) – “I was worried about Frac Daddy drawing down inside. When he didn’t that was a good thing.

          “He (Java’s War) doesn’t have any speed anyway so we’re probably just going to let them go on, get him tucked in, and go from there. It wouldn’t have bothered me if he was inside but he’s outside and it is what it is.”

GIANT FINISH (Post position 7, morning line 50-1) – No representatives at the draw.

GOLDENCENTS (Post position 8, morning line 5-1) – Doug O’Neill (trainer) – “I love it. Kevin (Krigger) doesn’t have to sit in the gate; then he can pick his spot. We’re going to bring it back home.”

GOLDEN SOUL (Post position 4, morning line 50-1) – Dallas Stewart (trainer) – “I think it’s a fair draw. Robby (Albarado) will take care of everything. We’re confident we got him aboard, and we’ll be ready to roll on Saturday. Glad to have him. … The one hole might have compromised us, because of the rail or whatever, but hey, it is what it is. We’re happy. Hopefully, we’ll get the horse over there good and healthy and have a good day Saturday.’’

ITSMYLUCKYDAY (Post position 12, morning line 15-1) – Eddie Plesa Jr. (trainer) – “I love it. It was one of the numbers I wanted. We’ve got Goldencents inside of us. I’m tickled to death.”

LINES OF BATTLE (Post position 11, morning line 30-1) – T.J. Comerford (head traveling lad for trainer Aidan O’Brien) – “It’s grand. A good post position. He’s drawn in the middle of them. It’s a good draw. It’s better than being low and missing the break and being stuck in behind. At least from 11 he can jump out and find his position.

MYLUTE (Post position 6, morning line 15-1) – Tom Amoss (trainer) – “I really didn’t care what post we got until about 20 seconds before and then I was really hoping for the six.” (Mylute was the last name pulled, after Charming Kitten in 15 and Black Onyx in 1). (Jockey) Rosie (Napravnik) just left but she was right here with me and she is comfortable with the six, as well, so let’s get it on.”

NORMANDY INVASION (Post position 5, morning line 12-1) – Rick Porter (owner) – “Other than it was Eight Belles’ number, I’m happy with it. I’m not going to be superstitious about that. With the numbers that were left, we were very happy with five. (Javier) Castellano wanted to be further inside than Chad (Brown). We were thinking eight, nine, 10, but Javier wanted to be further inside. I think he’ll be happy with it. If he’s happy, we’re happy.”

ORB (Post position 16, morning line 7-2) – Shug McGaughey (trainer) – “There was a lot of anticipation, maybe more anticipation than I remember, but I’m pleased with the 16 and we’ll take it from there. I think from where he is we’ll try to hold our position and maybe try to creep in a little bit around the first turn and then (Joel Rosario) can watch what’s going on inside of him. He can watch what Johnny (Velazquez) is doing on Verrazano. If Johnny thinks Orb is the horse to beat he’s going to be watch what we’re doing to.”

            (On being the morning-line favorite)

“I’m fine with that. I heard a little rumor that Mike (Battaglia) was a little confused about who (the favorite) was. I think it’s because the way (Orb) has done here that he went on and made him the favorite. As we all know, Verrazano is a very, very talented horse. We’ll see what the public does on Saturday, but I think he’ll probably still be the favorite.”

OXBOW (Post position 2, morning line 30-1)/WILL TAKE CHARGE (Post position 17, morning line 20-1) – D. Wayne Lukas (trainer) – “I wasn’t too crazy about the two hole (for Oxbow), but I realize there’s not a lot of speed on the inside. We might be clear. The other one (Will Take Charge), I’m very happy with. There’s five or six horses right near us (Oxbow) that are not very quick, in my opinion, so we’ll probably get a pretty good run up the rail It’s the shortest way around there if they’ll leave us alone. We overanalyze this all the time. Everyone gets too involved, and we overanalyze it too much. I’m more interested in where the horses who have running style are placed in relation to my horses are in the gate. The four I won it with, I can’t remember their post position, so it must not have been too important.’’

VYJACK (Post position 20, morning line 15-1) – Rudy Rodriguez (trainer) – “It’s OK. Last year, I’ll Have Another won it from outside. Big Brown won it from outside. We’re happy. It’s all good.”

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