Experience Thoroughbred Ownership

The Churchill Downs Racing Club - your low risk pathway to becoming a race horse owner. Experience thoroughbred racehorse ownership with a horse that will be trained by Dallas Stewart. Dallas is a Kentucky Oaks winning trainer who also captured the Breeders' Cup Distaff and has two runner up finishes in the Kentucky Derby.

The club is a low cost, low risk glimpse into the life of a thoroughbred owner. Visit the track in the early mornings to watch your horse conduct morning training routines, experience the Paddock enclosure just prior to the race, listen in as your trainer gives final instructions to the jockey, watch and enjoy your horse as he competes at The World’s Most Legendary Racetrack® and hopefully experience the thrill of visiting the Winners’ Circle!

New racing club memberships will become available in Spring 2018

About the Churchill Downs Racing Club:

  • Horses to be trained by Dallas Stewart
  • $500 One Time Membership Fee (used to purchase a horse and pay for training fees & expenses)
  • No Additional Expenses
  • Receive regular updates on the program via email or on the dedicated club social media channels
  • Interact with other racing Club Members at dedicated club functions and race days
  • All horses to be selected by the trainer and all decisions on the horse will be made by the trainer on behalf of the Club

Perks of Being a Club Member

  • A behind the scenes look into thoroughbred ownership
  • Breakfast during select morning workouts to watch the club's horses train and prepare for racing
  • Access to Paddock Area for club members in the club’s horse races
  • Free General Admission for you and a guest to the 2017 Churchill Downs Race Meets (excludes May 5th & 6th)

Not For Profit Organization

  • By joining the club you agree to the membership agreement provided below
  • The club is organized as a 501C7 Not for Profit Social Club
  • The Club is structured as a not-for-profit educational association meaning you should not join the Club with any profit motive or expectation of profit. Understand that you may not receive back any of your $500 membership fee and should a profit be made the club’s directors will make a determination of the excess funds



1. Purpose. I understand that the purpose of the Club is to provide an educational experience of Thoroughbred horse ownership through participation in a not-for-profit social club organized for pleasure, recreational and other nonprofitable purposes that owns, trains and races Thoroughbred racehorses.

2. Club Activities. I understand that: (a) the Club will initially own one racehorse with plans to race at Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky; (b) up to 200 memberships in the Club will be sold in 2017 at $500 each and the funds raised from these membership dues will be used to pay the purchase price for the horse(s), as well as for training fees and other expenses; (c) membership dues will be deposited into a horsemen’s account and expenses will be paid from this account; (d) the horse(s) trainer is Dallas Stewart and Gary Palmisano will represent the Club’s interest as the Club manager of the horse(s); (e) I will receive communications through social media and emails about the horse’s activities; (f) the Club may, upon the trainer’s recommendation, purchase additional horses; (g) the Club will operate until September 11, 2017 (unless it becomes prudent to cease operations at an earlier date) and the horse will be sold and any monies remaining in the account after all financial obligations are met will be returned to the members pro rata up to $500 per member (without interest); (h) day to day decisions will rest with the trainer and Club manager; (i) if there are any funds remaining after return of all membership dues, a decision about the disbursement of any excess funds will be determined by the directors of the Club and (j) Club activities may take place at a racetrack, which is subject to safety considerations, and I agree to be bound by and abide by rules and regulations of the racetrack.

3. No pecuniary profit. I understand that the Club is organized as a not-for-profit social club, and I am not joining the Club with any profit motive or expectation of profit. I understand that I may not receive back any of my $500 membership dues and agree that the maximum I may receive at the end of 2017 is $500 unless determined otherwise by the directors of the Club.

4. Release. I recognize that hazards and risks are inherent in owning, training and racing Thoroughbred racehorses and related activities. I hereby acknowledge voluntary participation in the Club and, by my signature below, hereby release and forever discharge the Club, its affiliates and all directors, officers and agents of the foregoing from any and all liability of whatever kind arising from my participation in the Club; further, I waive all claims of all kinds against all and any of the foregoing arising from participation in the Club. This release shall be binding upon me, my immediate family members (including without limitation, my spouse and any children as applicable) and my heirs, successors and assigns. I also understand and agree that this release contemplates the release and discharge of any and all other claims that may exist or arise in the future as a result of any aforementioned occurrence and any injuries, illness, loss (including death) or damages to persons or property (including loss of use of property) allegedly sustained thereby by me.

5. Only Agreement. I agree this is the only agreement or understanding that applies to my interest in the Club.

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