Single-6 Jackpot Returns Thursday With Lower 20-Cent Minimum

May 21, 2014 Darren Rogers

Churchill Downs Racetrack’s “Single 6 Jackpot,” the multi-race wager that debuted during the 2013 Fall Meet with the potential of a big payday to a lucky bettor if there’s only one winning wager, will return to the Louisville racetrack’s betting menu Thursday (May 22) with a lower 20-cent minimum.

The Single 6 Jackpot will challenge bettors to correctly pick the winners of the last six races on each racing program, and is paid out only if there is a single winning wager with six winners placed at the required minimum bet value.

Bettors that have the highest number of winners in the daily six-race sequence will equally share 70-percent of the net money wagered into the pool. The remaining 30-percent of the net pool will carry to the Single 6 Jackpot if there are multiple winning wagers with six winners placed at the required minimum bet value, which is sold in affordable denominations of 20 cents.

During its debut last fall, the wager was a 50-cent minimum with an 80-20 split of the net money bet into the pool. The lower bet minimum and increased split to the jackpot compounded with the low probability of a single winning wager means there’s a high chance for the jackpot to grow daily.

Again, there can be only one winning wager for the jackpot to be paid. If a bettor hits the Single 6 Jackpot twice on one ticket – meaning he or she “scratched into the favorite” and used both horses in the race; or used two horses in a race and they finished in a dead-heat; or played the same 20-cent ticket twice for a total of 40 cents – he or she is not eligible for the jackpot aspect. There can only be a single winning wager placed at the required minimum bet value for the jackpot to be paid.

Because there is a unique carryover facet, there are no minor consolation payoffs. For example, if there are multiple winning wagers with six winners, there will be no consolation payoff for five winners.

A traditional $2 Pick 6 was offered at Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby Week. Churchill Downs Racetrack received approval to offer the revamped Single 6 Jackpot during a Kentucky Horse Racing Commission meeting in Lexington on May 13.


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