Trainers, Children Share Life Lessons From Their Fathers on Father's Day Weekend

Jun 18, 2021 Kevin Kerstein Kevin Kerstein,Churchill Downs Communications

There are many second and third generation trainers and horse people on the backside of Churchill Downs. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked several what advice or life lessons they have learned from their father:

Trainer Buff Bradley (son of late owner/breeder Fred Bradley): “One of the key things my dad taught me about horses was to have patience. When a horse needs time off, give them the time they need. In the end, the horses will reward you.”

Breeders’ Cup Communications and Social Media Manager Hayley Amoss (daughter of trainer Tom Amoss): “He always tells my sister (Ashley) and me is that life is cyclical. It’s not a linear path to success and you will have highs and lows. When you have the highs, take a step back and appreciate the moments with those you love, and when you’re in the lows, grind it out because times will get better.”

Jockey Declan Carroll (son of assistant trainer David Carroll): “He taught me to always work hard and be positive. No matter how things may be going in life or riding, keep a positive attitude and work hard. Things are not given, they are earned. He gave me the opportunity to grow up from a very young age and learn from the start. If it wasn’t for him I would be completely lost. He’s there for all my ups and downs. He’s my biggest critic and supporter.”

Trainer Norm Casse (son of trainer Mark Casse): “Dad always treats everyone with respect and I try to do the same. I feel like that, above many other things, is the most important thing he’s taught me in life. Horse racing wise, the list would be too long.”

Trainer Greg Foley (son of late trainer Dravo Foley): “He taught me everything about being a horseman. My sister (Vickie Foley) and I grew up on the backside with him and he gave us the knowledge about horses and this sport.”

Assistant trainer Travis Foley and MagnaWave Specialist Alex Foley (sons of trainer Greg Foley): “Of course, the easy answer is he taught us his sense of style. Jokes aside, he’s showed us how to work hard, handle your business, treat people well and just try to not get too high or low depending on how the racing Gods may be treating you. He’s been a great example of controlling what you can and being very consistent in everything you do.”

Jockey Chris Landeros (son of exercise rider and former trainer Manny Landeros): “Throughout the ups and downs of our job, my dad always taught me to never give up. We go through many good times and bad but throughout it all he’s always been consistent telling me never to give up.”

Jockey agent Jake Romans (son of trainer Dale Romans): “He’s taught me so much in my life and continues to do so every day. When I first became an agent I remember him telling me to always keep an even temperament. There are many highs and lows of this sport and never get too high with the highs or too low with the lows.”

Jockey agent Brodie Wilkes (son of trainer Ian Wilkes): “He has always taught me to never stop learning. Every day that goes by you can learn something new. Then, he would always joke that the quicker I learn the sooner he can retire.”

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